Your tools - always in top form

As far as we are concerned, the handover of your new tool is just one component part of our cooperation.


Our tool service encompasses the following

  • including for tools not delivered by us
  • in the event of quality defects in the component or tool
  • in the case of insufficient output
  • in the event of insufficient number of strokes
  • in the event of your supplier failing
  • in the event of component changes
  • Conversion to higher-strength material
  • Deployment of our tool specialists for running in tools
  • Overhaul and maintenance of entire »tool pools« up to all-year full service

You can rely on us

Always on hand to help: As a reliable partner, we are at your disposal around the clock with our proven service.

The tool is brought to us for overhaul


  • 24-hour phone service
  • Direct contact with our specialists
  • Local service
  • On-site troubleshooting by our specialists

Fast - flexible - precise – We give shape to your ideas