The WBL Group in Germany

Our location in Laichingen enables us to guarantee extremely short response times for our customers all over Germany. This is a decisive advantage, particularly in the area of tool service, and makes it possible to keep within defined time budgets. After all, every minute a tool spends producing no parts costs money.


In addition, expanded capacities enable us to meet even the more difficult requirements of the market (e.g. the acceptance of large tool packages). Another advantage of our corporate structure is that individual manufacturing processes can be centrally coordinated and flexibly distributed over our various production lines. This conserves valuable resources and drastically shortens the development time.

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Laichingen location

Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH

Geislinger Straße 32
89150 Laichingen

  +49 (0) 7333 81-0
  +49 (0) 7333 81-100


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