Method planning and design

Our method planners and designers provide you with advice as early as during the product development process.

We identify potential risks for series production at an early stage as part of a feasibility study.

Use of the latest simulation and design software enables us to push the limits of what is technically feasible in forming.

Technical equipment of our engineering department

  • Catia V5
  • Siemens NX
  • AutoForm

Data transmission

We are connected by Odette, ENX and email to all common data transmission systems. Please request the appropriate parameters if necessary (e.g. password or connection ID).

Process-reliable series production through use of the latest simulation and design software

Forming simulation with AutoForm

The AutoForm© tool enables us to simulate all drawing operations on the computer and accurately predict the drawing result in terms of material thinning and wrinkling. The tool allows us to influence the drawing process positively during the planning stage.

  • AutoForm© for determining material thinning, wrinkling and springback
  • Use of CATIA V5 and Siemens NX ensures that the interface to customer norms and standards functions smoothly.

Virtual safeguarding of process-reliable series production

Added value for our customers through the use of cutting-edge simulation software

Fast - flexible - precise – We give shape to your ideas