Tradition: Progress through innovation

Since its foundation in 1891, the WBL Group has been providing its customers with customised and superior-quality tools to meet the diverse requirements of the sheet metal processing industry with first-class solutions. Enormous innovativeness and consistent investments in machinery and our employees have ensured that we have remained a young company – even after more than 125 years of existence.

Divided into two locations – in Laichingen in the Swabian Jura and in Leipzig – more than 170 employees work each day to ensure our customers enjoy the greatest possible benefit. We can avail of over 15,000 m² of production and assembly space, state-of-the-art machinery, generous engineering and design capacities and machining and assembly facilities for tools weighing up to 50 tons for this purpose.

A focus on people

The WBL Group attaches enormous importance to a sound personnel policy and regional identity. We ensure that our customers receive direct and competent advice during even long-term projects, all provided by exceptionally trained contacts in all divisions, and through targeted promotion of professional up-and-coming talent.

This builds trust and promotes the effectiveness of all processes on a sustainable level.

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